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 Family-Friendly Activities

Attendees at the NWC Fine Art

& Artisan Fair are invited to 

show their talent in an inter-

active community mural


This painting will be broken down into 216 8"x 8" sections for  visitors to paint from a sample.

Each completed section will be

stapled to the wooden frame

and eventually the entire

painting comes to life.  

This year's selected painting was created by artist Vandana Jain

Vandana Jain, a Chicago-based artist, uses vibrant oil over a mixed media to capture the lively spirit of wildlife and landscapes. Inspired by her childhood in India and fueled by her engineering career, Vandana has showcased her art in galleries and at renowned art festivals.  Each painting is a celebration of nature’s beauty from majestic leopards to birds and suburban bunnies and reflects her passion for art nurtured by her travels across Africa, India and America. “Bumble Ballet is like a thrilling play showing how we pass around good vibes just as bumble bees move pollen from one flower to another” states Jain.  

mural 3.jpg
2023 interactive mural emerges as each one of 216 squares are stapled to the 8x12-ft frame

Children can get their face painted or color with Kids Matter on Saturday.  Or they can express their creativity painting at the Petite Picasso area on Sunday.  

Guests can enjoy chamber music and a variety of food and drinks including adult beverages while appreciating the artists works displayed on the beautiful grounds of the Naper Settlement.  


Plus there will be

photo opportunities to become part of a painting masterpiece. 

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